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Dan King


DAN KING ( is an activist, blogger, and Christian social media expert.

King’s travels have included projects to numerous countries in Africa, the Dominican Republic, and to Haiti, as well as throughout the US in his efforts to share the love of Christ in practical ways. His corporate background includes work as a corporate training development professional for one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies.

As a blogger, King serves as the founder and voice of popular, and directs blogging projects for conference events and non-profits. Most recently, along with Dillon Burroughs and Daniel Darling, King co-founded the Activist Faith movement where he serves as media director.

As a Christian social media expert, King provides leadership to the High Calling (, a network of over 1,000 bloggers on faith, life, and work. His expertise has been noted in his columns for, one of the web’s top spots for church and technology issues.

King lives with his wife, Krista, and children, Samuel and chole, on the Gulf Coast of Florida.